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Customer Portal

Here you can submit a new estimate request, a supplementary, download our free Bodyshop resources and much more.

Office opening times: Mon - Fri, 8am - 5pm 

Call: 0208 050 8958

  • How do we get started?
    Simply fill out our bodyshop questionnaire here so we can optimise estimates to your bodyshop. Then submit an estimate request here.
  • Do you offer volume discounts?
    Yes we do, please call to discuss with us the type of volume you will be sending.
  • Are we tied into a contract if we use VDA Group?
    Not at all, we pride ourselves on our flexible approach.
  • We have a BSi kitemark - can we use VDA Group?
    Yes - we currently work and have worked with many BSi kitemark bodyshops, we are ATA accredited, cyber secure and GDPR trained.
  • Do you match parts prices for final supplementary too?
    This is a separate bolt on service, however depending on the volume of estimates being sent we are happy to accommodate our customers. Contact us to find out more.
  • How do we know if the estimate has been sent, or authorised?
    Our system uses automation to let you know when an estimate has been received, sent, authorised or requires attention. We recommend setting up an email rule that all emails from us go into an "estimates" folder, or having a dedicated email address so everything is traceable. We're here to help make the experience with us as seamless as possible.
  • Do you handle negotiation with engineers or pass it back to us?
    We handle all negotiation so you don't have too. It's all part of the service, however if you're happy to negotiate just let us know in the bodyshop questionnaire.
  • Do we still pay a full estimate fee even if the vehicle is a total loss?
    If we are using your estimating system the £55 estimate charge will be reduced to £35. If we are using our estimating system the £75 estimate fee will be reduced to £55.
  • We would like to use VDA Group, but can we keep it strictly confidential?
    Yes of course, we are happy to sign any confidentiality agreements and never discuss our clients details with anyone.
  • Can we use VDA Group to just do a final check and send for final supplementary only?
    Yes we offer a final supplementary only service, it costs £40 + VAT and on average we uplift estimates to a lot more than our fee and if we do not find a justified, reasonable uplift there is no charge. Submit a "Final supplementary only" request here. There's no reason not too!
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